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Complete Architectural Fabricated Metal Solutions

From design to fabrication process, to furnished product in the highest possible quality.

Laser Cutting

Custom Fixtures implements the latest fiber laser cutting technology

Artfully Crafted

Our laser technology utilizes high-speed/high-definition cutting providing the most accurate and cleanest cuts

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Water Jet Cutting

We can cut many different materials up to 6 in. thick

What Thickness?

Up to 6 inch thickness with the cleanest cut possible

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Advanced CNC

We provide advanced CNC bending and milling capabilities

Perfect Bends

Our state of the art CNC brake press can bend materials of various thickness in a multitude of dimensions

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Weld & Polish

All in-house: from patent finish or mirror polish to advanced finishes, such as blackened steel


We are detail oriented, carefully ensuring that your finish is delivered at the highest quality possible

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Trusted Clients

Our clients don’t only choose us; they stay with us. We strive to develop and establish long term relationships that only continue to grow. Our clients rely on us for outstanding performance, work quality, and expertise that result in the highest possible tier of customer satisfaction. Consistently delivering on and exceeding these expectations is not easy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Core Values

We can help save time and money on many metal fabrication processes with faster lead times and higher quality that fits any project budget.

What We Do

Throughout history metal has represented strength, sophistication, and most of all imagination. Whether it be stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, brass or copper, metal has been used to envision almost any application either by creating it or perfecting it. At Custom Fixtures Inc., this believe has been fully realized and the forefront for our inspiration to fabricate and design products that show individuality and prestige.

With more than 20 years in the field we have learned, absorbed, and mastered every way to mold, bend, polish, and plate anything metal. There is no task too great or any blueprint to big to be procured and manufactured. What separates us from the rest of the iron mongers is a level of quality and dedication to each individual demand and specification. If words aren’t suited well enough to pass this message then please allow actions to deliver it.

Custom Fixtures collaborates with a team of mastered iron workers that have been some of the leading pioneers in the art of metal work. We are well known and well respected in this industry and we have worked hard to be able to say that. Allow us to take your concept from paper and apply it to reality. Our design & engineering staff implement the most efficient techniques as well as the steadiest hands. We serve as a resource for those in the world of architecture, construction, display, and any other applications you could imagine. Our production capabilities are well suited to meet any level of output making us capable of mass-producing goods.

Building Inspiring Spaces

We pride ourselves on the knowledge that all our products have been well received and that we can product on both high-end residential and commercial markets.


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